Wardrobe Make-Over – How to Keep Your Wardrobe Current

Do you get frustrated when you reach into your closet only to find you have nothing to wear? Do your clothes seem outdated and appear worn? Are you still wearing the same polyester suite form 2003? This year; with the current condition of the economy, consumers are more budget conscious. I decided to put together some tips on how to freshen up your current wardrobe and add some stylish pieces that compliment your closet and is easy on your budget.

As a rule of thumb you must first make room in your closet for new items. Schedule a day to re-organize your closet. Start by pushing your favorite garments from last year toward the front of your closet. Because they are the most current, they get precedence over the older garments. Pull the rest of the clothing out the closet and place them on your bed. Make four piles consisting of:

1. Damaged garments or things that need to be tailored
2. Clothes that don’t fit
3. Clothes that fit
4. Donate

To evaluate pile #1 you will need to do the following:

o Separate this pile into clothes that fit and don’t fit you
o Things that don’t fit will not need repairs and can go into pile #4.
o Take the garments that fit to the local dry cleaner for repairs. Wearing clothes with holes or torn hemlines is unacceptable.
o Evaluate the garments left over – this will be the clothing that fits and does not need any repairs.
o Simply put all the garments you have not worn in the last 2 years into the donate pile. If you have not worn it in two years, chances are it will not be worn in the next 2 years.
o Having a closet full of clothing that you don’t wear is simply pointless. It also helps you to make more room for new items that you will periodically add into your wardrobe. It also helps alleviate the clutter when you are creating new outfits

Keep in mind some good questions to ask yourself are:

o Is this shape still in style?
o Is this garment in good shape?
o Is the color faded?
o Is the fabric or print dated?

After the evaluation you should be left with functional garments. Give yourself a few days to adjust to your modified and clutter free closet. Think about the wardrobe you currently have and what new styles you are drawn to. Do you wish you had a pair of chocolate suede boots or a belted dress with vintage hardware? Pick up a few magazines and see what current trends is age appropriate that you think you may like to try. It’s important to have an idea of what new trends are being worn and what styles specifically catch your eye.

Places like Target, H&M, Anne Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic carry trend conscious items that are affordable. Take your photos from the magazine and stop by one or two of these stores to find a similar style. Think about how these items will fit into your current wardrobe. Don’t buy crazy colors if your closet is already full of them. Go with neutrals to balance out the color spectrum. If your closet is full of neutral and black shades then try getting some subtle colors to brighten up and balance out your wardrobe. Stay away from trendy trends like skinny jeans and empire dresses. They are a bad investment and ultimately will end up in pile 4 by next year. Try to recognize more timeless items that will ultimately maximize your investment. Sometimes our personal style feels dull and drab because people are creatures of habit and we all like convenience. It’s easy to wear something over and over that you know looks good, rather than taking the time to pull old and new items together to create a fresh personal look. Try to make a purchase that pushes you out of your comfort box. Wear it a few times to get some feedback and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results! Doing this each time you make a clothing purchase will result in your own fashion makeover!