The Perils of Online Decorating Advice

Like most everyone, I go online to look for new ideas that I can use to make my life and interior design business better. Last week I was poking around on the internet looking for ideas about upgrading drapery hardware for curtains and drapes. And, frankly I was appalled at what I saw. Large name-brand stores and specialty websites doling out advice to consumers that if followed, would be a tremendous waste of their time and money! I must admit, it made me cringe! I’ve listed a few examples of what ‘so-called’ decorating experts recommend you do to upgrade your drapery hardware.

1. Upgrade your window treatments by wrapping copper wire around silk flower stems and then wrap them around your drapery rod. (Yikes!)

2. Use PVC pipe and spray paint it? (Not a very ‘Green’ solution.)

3. Find a tree branch from your backyard and use that as your rod. (Ok, I suppose if I was Grizzly Adams this might look good to me.)

In my book, those 3 ideas aren’t upgrades to your drapery hardware. They’re 80′s style make-do’s that are toxic and about 3 decades too late!

Today’s drapery hardware is sophisticated, elegant and combines both function and beauty all in one treatment.

So you may be asking yourself, why would I want to upgrade my drapery hardware? Stop for a minute and think about why you’d upgrade ANY product you own. There are usually two main reasons -

1. Add more features or better functioning – Something isn’t working anymore. Think about your car. When the old one has stopped working or keeps breaking down, it’s time to get a new one.

2. Add beauty, to bring it into today’s style – Think of your wardrobe. Although it wasn’t tattered and falling off of me, if I was still wearing the same style clothes that I wore in college (do you remember those Capri pants that nearly went up to your ribcage?), I’d be the laughing stock of colleagues, family, friends, etc.

Upgrading your drapery hardware is no different, it covers both reasons -

1) It adds greater functionality with all the great features, bells, whistles and options available to you today.

2) It adds tremendous value, style and beauty to your home. Adding new hardware to an existing drapery treatment can easily transform any room and you don’t even have to change your drapes! If they’re still in decent shape, keep the drapes but upgrade the hardware.

Go from having skimpy, drooping, entirely too small drapery rods, to exquisite, carved, substantial and stunning hardware that will bring years of enjoyment and satisfaction to your home. It’s simple to do and promises to create a phenomenal transformation in your room. It could be just the thing you need!